7 Short Movies About Love for Your Valentine

I don’t usually celebrate February 14th, but I think it’s a good opportunity for you, movie-holic, to celebrate this so-called Valentine’s Day with some good romantic movies. But how if you don’t feel like going to cinema to watch romantic movies (although there’s a bunch of ‘em currently showing in cinemas), or you haven’t even bought any DVDs to watch, or you don’t even have a girlfriend? Don’t worry, with a good internet connection you can still enjoy this day with some short movies available in Youtube. Here are my picks of 7 romantic short movies (both animation and live-action) for your Valentine, in no particular order.

1. “I’m Here”

 STYLE Live-Action / RUNTIME 29 min / YEAR 2010 / DIRECTOR Spike Jonze

“I’m Here” describes a world where human and robot live together. Sheldon (played by Andrew Garfield) is a librarian robot who meets Francesca (played by Sienna Guillory) and finally falls in love with her. “I’m Here” is a bit slow-paced and depressing. It tells about a discovery and power of giving and sacrificing yourself for love. Sweet. (MORE INFO

2. “Signs”
STYLE Live-Action / RUNTIME 12 min / YEAR 2008 / DIRECTOR Patrick Hughes

“Signs” is about a shy and lonely man named Jason (played by Nick Russell). One day, through the window of his office, he sees an attractive woman—who is later found out named Stacey (played by Kestie Morassi)—and starts communicating with her using signs. It is a good short about finding love. It briefly tells us that someday, you will find your love. Very interesting. (MORE INFO)

3. “Head Over Heels”  
STYLE Clay Animation / RUNTIME 11 min / YEAR 2012 / DIRECTOR Timothy Reckart

This one is truly touching. “Head Over Heels” is about an old man and his wife, living in a house with opposite gravity: the old man lives on the floor and his wife lives on the ceiling. It tells us that no matter how contrast you and your partner are, love will always find a way to connect you two. P.S: This is one of the contenders of this year’s Oscar for Best Short Film (Animated). (MORE INFO)

4. “Lavatory Lovestory”  
STYLE 2D Animation / RUNTIME 10 min / YEAR 2007 / DIRECTOR Konstantin Bronzit

This Russian short animation centers on a middle-aged woman working as a cleaner in public men lavatory who dreams for having a boyfriend. She gets excited after finding flowers left on her desk. There’s a taste of mystery in “Lavatory Lovestory” as the woman tries to find out the unknown man leaving flowers for her, but it’s a bit humorous, too. Entertaining. (MORE INFO)

5. “Validation”  
STYLE Live-Action / RUNTIME 16 min / YEAR 2007 / DIRECTOR Kurt Kuenne

A cheerful parking attendant (played by T. J. Thyne) does more than just validating: he gives compliments to the customers and makes them smile. He gets popular because of this, until soon he meets a beautiful photographer (played by Vicki Davis) whom he can’t get to smile. The story of “Validation” is interesting, and it is more than just a love story of a man and a woman. (MORE INFO)

6. “Tsumiki No Ie” (a.k.a. “The House of Small Cubes”)

STYLE 2D Animation / RUNTIME 12 min / YEAR 2008 / DIRECTOR Kunio Kato

An oldman live in a house made of stacks of cubical house, because his town is surrounded by water. As water starts coming to his floor, he started to make a new level of his house. Suddenly, his pipe falls into the deep of water, forcing him to dive in and find it. The deeper he dives, the more past stories of his love revive. It’s truly moving, potentially making you cry. Great. (MORE INFO)

7. “7:35 In The Morning”  
STYLE Live-Action / RUNTIME 8 min / YEAR 2003 / Director Nacho Vigalondo

Tired with comedy and tear-jerking romance? “7:35 In The Morning” is a dark comedy about love. This Spanish short tells about a woman who enters a restaurant at 7:35 in the morning and finds nothing but silence from the people inside the restaurant. She doesn’t expect a surprise she will receive shortly after. It’s shocking and comedic. (MORE INFO)

Actually I wanna include "Paperman" in this list but unfortunately, it's not available in Youtube because it's a copyrighted material. Anyway, Happy Valentine! (P.S.: This post is inspired by a previous post in Inspired-Ground)

Akbar Saputra

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I'm Here is definitely something, a memorable short love story. And, I also saw Validation and Head Over Heels the other day. I liked Validation, but I thought the ending was too much to me. I love the idea of someone's talent to make people smile. Will watch the others once I can.

    1. You're welcome! Haha, "Validation" is a bit awkward, eh? "Lavatory Lovestory" and "7:35 in The Morning" are surprising, "Tsumiki No Ie" is absolutely a tear-jerker, but "Head Over Heels" is my favorite.