About Me

Akbar Saputra
I am the author of Me On The Movie.

My name is Akbar Saputra. I was born on August 27th, 1992, in Jakarta (23 years old). Currently I live in Teluk Betung, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia.

My interest in movies start in the late 2010, and then I began writing my opinions about movies I watched. Of course, I am a very beginner in this field. I reviewed movies since 2011 in a Wordpress blog written in Bahasa Indonesia, but it was discontinued. Then, I created Me On The Movie to restart that blog. At first I made Me On The Movie in Bahasa Indonesia, but then I realized that I had a bigger chance to meet new people if I turned it into English. That's why earlier posts were written in Bahasa Indonesia.

I am a fresh-graduate Diploma, majoring in Tax Administration of a governmental college, and now working on governmental tax office in Bandar Lampung. Besides movies, I enjoy creative-working, like making creative videos (two of my finished Youtube projects can be seen here and here), learning new stuffs, mathematics and riddles, reading books, writing, listening to musics, and playing Scrabble. I am so interested to write my own screenplays and direct my own movies.

More about me? Contact me on:
email: akb.saputra[at]yahoo.com or saputra.akb[at]gmail.com
Twitter: @akb_r

Thank you!


  1. Haaa how can you make your header like that :( dari dulu pengen bikin menu di header tapi gak pernah bisaaa

    1. Haha sebenarnya gw ngegabungin tutorial yang di sini (http://katie495.blogspot.com/2012/09/diy-blog-design-creating-header.html) sama yang di sini (http://katie495.blogspot.com/2012/09/diy-blog-design-creating-nav-bar.html). Setelah itu, header defaultnya blogger harus dihapus dulu pake tutorial di sini (http://www.bloggertipandtrick.net/how-to-hide-title-from-blogger-header/). Tapi nanti headernya bisa dibalikin lagi kok pake Add Widget. Hehe.

    2. Wow, ribet ya haha but thank you so much!! Will try it later :)

  2. Whoaaa!
    A next to be civil servant who... well, idk, you're gonna be part of ministry of finance for tax department right? I met some of your seniors bcos today, they're my coworkers. Keep the good work you do here!
    ps. even if someday you'll be busy with your working stuff, never ever say goodbye to this blog, hehehehe

    1. Wow, really? Do you work there too?
      Yep, thank you!

    2. No, I work for Jakarta's government for city taxes agency, some of civil servants of ministry of Finance who's expertise in land tax moved to city taxes agency in 2012, that's why I met them :D

  3. Bar,, aku salut sama kamu, blog ini sekarang jadi keren,,, PR naik, backlink ribuan,,, mantabb..

  4. Salam kenal. Aktif menulis juga ya ternyata? Blognya sudah saya tautkan ke blog saya. Oh ya, titip salam ya kalo ketemu sama 'Ase' (Arif Setiadi) dulu pernah kuliah bareng. Makasih.


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