Feature Articles

Me On The Movie is not only about movie reviews. I made some feature articles about movies. Click any titles below to go directly to the certain posts.

1. Knowledge and Varieties
Belajar dari Film^
Best Movies vs. Favorite Movies
How IMDB Rating Works^
Mind-Blowing Music Videos by Michel Gondry^
My Favorite Scene #1: "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadow"^
Serba-Serbi Genre Film (part 1 until 3)^
When You Fail Appreciating The Films Many People Love

2. Short Films
4 Thriller/Mystery Short Films
5 Best Animated Short Films Academy Award 2013
7 Short Movies About Love for Your Valentine

3. Awards
4. Watchlist & Preview
2012   2012's Movies-To-Watch-Next (part 1 until 3)
8. Blogathon
Blogathon: Life, Love, and the Movies!
Liebster Award, Sunshine Award, and Stuffs
Some Dedicated "Artworks" for THE SOCIAL NETWORK

9. Random Stuffs
Kekecewaan tentang Tragedi Colorado Shooting^ (about the Colorado Shooting)
Me On The Movie's 1st Anniversary: Author's Note
My 101st Post!
Press Release!^ (about my temporary break of blogging)
There's Something with the Censorship... (about censored movies in local cinemas)
Welcome, 2014!
Where have you been, Akbar? (about me moving to new city)

^: written in Bahasa Indonesia

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