Liebster Award, Sunshine Award, and Stuffs


Hi! The first post in August and also the first post in two weeks. Wow, I have never expected that time goes this fast. Next week is Eid Mubarak here in Indonesia, and during this Ramadhan things are quite busy. You know, post-grad stuffs. I am quite busy with preparing for my job applications and tests and all, and I have this current job that occupied me for the last two weeks.

First, I am so lucky (and thrilled) having a visitor from UK, Carly, interested in sharing her opinion about movies. She’s interested in writing a guest post! It’s surely amazing for me because, wow, it’s just great to know that your blog is read by people far far away from your place and—the most important thing—she wants to contribute a writing for my blog. And I’m kinda helped by her, too, knowing that I didn’t write any reviews for the last two weeks. LOL. So, she wrote about a real-event-vs-adaptation comparison of “The Bling Ring”, directed by Sofia Coppola. I have read her writing and I think it’s easy and nice. I’m gonna post it soon.

Second, thanks to Andina from Inspired Ground and Karamel Kinema for nominating me in Sunshine Awards and Liebster Award. I think it’s more like a blogathon instead of an award, LOL, but anyway, this is again kinda reminds me that I have to write as soon as possible. I don’t know who else I have to nominate, btw XD but let’s just get started.

Liebster Award
In Liebster Award, I have to answer these eleven questions thrown by Karamel Kinema and also list eleven things about me. Here it goes:

The Question

Mouly Surya
01. Tell me your favorite local director and their movie that you’d recommend?
Mouly Surya is great. She hasn’t directed many movies, but the two she directed, “fiksi.” (the winner of Indonesian Film Festival 2008) and “What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love” (the first Indonesian film to enter Sundance), blew my mind. I’d recommend “fiksi.”, because beside it’s kinda my taste, “fiksi.” is neat, artistic, and... simply different. “What They Don’t Talk” is also nice, too, but I prefer “fiksi.”

02. Sequels, Yay or Nay?
If the sequels are supposed to be made at the first place (like in “Lord of The Rings” or the “Millenium” trilogy), I’d say yes. But, if the sequels are prepared incidentally after knowing that the first film had a great success, I’d say no. Money talks there. 

03. Tell me what movie you hate but everybody seemed to love?
Can I rephrase the question as “tell me what movies you think are overrated”? Please? Because I don’t think I can simply hate a movie that everybody seemed to love (if I do, I will reconsider my verdict then, or give it my second-viewing—I must have missed something!). I am not really into “Silver Linings Playbook”. I’m in love-hate relationship with “The King’s Speech”, except that Colin Firth did a fince acting there. Oh, one more film: I hate “To The Wonder”.

04. Tell me what movie you love but everybody seemed to hate?
You mean, last year? It’s Tom Hooper's “Les Miserables” and Ang Lee's “Life of Pi”.

05. How many movies do you usually watch in a month (in cinema, at home, wherever)?
I think I watched 1-2 films in a week, which rounds up as 4-8 films a month. Not a substantially good amount of films to be considered as a movie fan, eh?

06. How many times a month do you usually go to the cinema?
Maybe 2-4 times. Still, not a good amount of moviegoing to be considered as a movie fan, eh?

07. Style or Substance?

08. Foreign films, Yay or Nay?

09. Which one do you prefer: vague cliffhanger or happy ending?
Vague cliffhanger.

10. Who’s your favorite Villain (or Super Villain)?

11. Who’s your favorite movie pet?
Not really sure I have one. Ted? Oh, he’s not a pet. Hmm... Snowy?

Eleven random facts about me:
01. I’m currently single. Ba-dum-tss.
02. I’m not majoring arts, languages, or else that related to movies. I’m majoring taxation.
03. I reaaaallyy want to join Online Film Critics Society, but there are still some prerequirements that I don’t meet.
Online Film Critics Society04. Watching movies is like a sacred activity for me. That’s why I mostly go to cinema alone.
05. I currently formulate tips to deal with spoilers. Wait for it.
06. I have a thought of making a podcast but I’m not sure if people are ready to listen to my voice. We’ll see.
07. I don’t usually stick to certain things for a long time, so I really really hope that I always be motivated to continue movie-blogging.
08. I’m not really into this K-Pop mass fever.
09. I don’t have pets.
10. I believe I have a certain phobia of gore and violence in movies. I have never watched “Saw” because of this.
11. I don’t really have a good knowledge of superhero movies, so don’t ask me about DC-Marvel stuffs.

Sunshine Award
Next, Sunshine Award! I have to answer 10 questions about myself. Here it goes:

01. Favorite Actress?
Lady GagaMeryl Streep. I admires her. But if you ask me about favorite—pun intended—actress, I’d go with Zooey Deschanel, Rooney Mara, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Rodriguez, Anna Kendrick (and the list of young newcomers actress keeps going...) (and Vera Farmiga, too!)

02. Favorite Actor?
Leonardo DiCaprio. I also like Ryan Gosling. I like Jesse Eisenberg since “The Social Network”, and... Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Hopkins, recently Bradley Cooper also stole my attention.

03. Favorite Singer?
I’m a little monster. I'm a big fan of Lady Gaga. Paws up!

04. Favorite Director?
David Fincher. And perhaps Ang Lee, too.

05. Favorite Screenwriter?
Aaron Sorkin. I also like Charlie Kaufman and Steven Zaillian.

06. Favorite Auteur-Director?
What a question. Paul Thomas Anderson, Michel Gondry, Quentin Tarantino.

07. Other hobbies?
ScrabbleI am a Scrabble player. I love math, I do math problems weekly via (thank God for that site) and I love pop-science. And I also love pop psychology. Sometimes I do computer programming. I read some books about the topics.

08. Favorite Phone App?
Currently love my Evernote. I can write wherever I want on my phone and have it uploaded to be edited on my laptop.

09. Favorite Cinema?
Not really my favorite, though, but I go to Blitzmegaplex Bekasi Cyber Park quite often.

10. Favorite Books?
Charles Seife’s “Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea” and Ajahn Brahm’s “Si Cacing dan Kotoran Kesayangannya” series.

Now, I have to nominate 10 other blogs to continue both awards. But I think I can't come up with 10 different blogs so I only nominate 5:

What you guys need to do:
Liebster Award
For Liebster Award, you have to answer 11 questions from me (listed below) and write 11 facts about yourself. Continue nominating other 10 blogs, post the award logo, include links to their blogs, notify them that you nominate them, and the process continues. Now, the 11 questions are:
01. Peter Jackson or James Cameron?
02. Adapted story or original story?
03. Dreamworks or Pixar?
04. M. Night Shyamalan or Michael Bay?
05. Steve Carell or Will Ferrell?
Sunshine Award06. Steven Seagal or Jean Claude van Damme?
07. Family Guy or The Simpsons?
08. Kim Ki-Duk or Wong Kar-Wai?
09. Thai horror or Japanese horror?
10. Sex scene or gore scene?
11. Golden Lion or Palme D'Or?
(please give a short explanation, too!)
For Sunshine Award, you have to answer 10 questions about yourself (you can create the questions by your own or simple follow the questions I use). Continue nominating other 10 blogs, post the award logo, include links to their blogs, notify them, and the process continues.
P.S: if you've also been nominated by another blog, you can choose if you want to fill the two nominations or simply choose one. I mean, I think my 11 questions are quite easy. :))

Phew. Sorry, this is not a review, but it's been a nice fun. Thank you, guys!

Akbar Saputra

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  1. i need to find fiksi *sigh*

    I also went to cinema mostly alone! because yes, even sometimes people who went with me tends to talk through out the film or dont seem to be interested in films in the first place.. so yeah..

    I didn't peg you for a gaga fan! but yay paws up little monster!

    1. Yeah, "fiksi." is nice. A good collaboration of her and Joko Anwar

      Agree, when I go to cinema with friends, I usually be quiet along the film. And it's kinda awkward for them, LOL.


  2. I also love Fiksi more than Mouly Surya's second film, she definitely have great talent and her taste is unusual for Indonesian taste.

    We have the same habit on watching movies and go to the cinema. What can I say? Blogging about movies is just one side/activity on me :)

    Whaaat? I love Life of Pi and most people I know love it too (or is it just me?). But no, I don't like Les Miserables.

    Would be interesting if you do podcast! And, congrats on having a first guest post, good job!

    1. Yeah, and I really hope she will continously produce good films.

      Many mocked "Life of Pi" for its "superficial cinematography" due to its abundant CGI effect, and its "supernatural theme". I am totally against them, I think it deserves better acclaims than what it already got.

      Yeah, but I think the podcast will be in Bahasa Indonesia--I'm not really fluent in spoken English XD

  3. Life of Pi is dang good movie imo, people 'seems' to hate because they dont get its oriental mysticism, and hi five! for David Fincher

    1. Yeah, like I said in previous comment, many people don't really like Life of Pi for its abundant CGI that depicted superficial cinematography, but whatever, I love it.

      David Fincher! Can't wait for his "Gone Girl"!