Monday, January 25, 2016

Me On The Movie Presents: 2015 Movie Recap - Introduction

Hello people. Welcome back. Nah I don't wanna start this incredible series of posts with excuses about where I have been and why I haven't been writing anything in this blog. Because they are excuses, you know--they are not real reasons. Not only that I haven't been writing enough, I also haven't been watching enough. 2015 records the lowest number of films I watched throughout the year, compared to years before. Sad, isn't it? So if you think this recap is not good enough for you, well, you can kindly leave :)

Oh, you're still here. Thanks so much.

This yearly recap celebrates 2015's best movie characters, acting performances (divided into four categories: actor in a leading role, actress in a leading role, actor in a supporting role, and actress in a supporting role), directors, and, of course, movies. I'm gonna post them through this week (finger-crossed!) and I will also shout everywhere to notice you for my newest part of the recap.

We'll meet soon. Again, thank you.

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