Perahu Kertas 2 (2012)

Perahu Kertas 2

Finally, after being kind of doubtful if I would watch this continuation of “Perahu Kertas” that I watched last August, yesterday I made a chance to watch it in the first day release of “Perahu Kertas 2” in cinema. Again, it’s kinda hard for me to find some mates I want to accompany me to watch this: some of them, in fact, sneered at this movie because they thought it will talk a lot about puppy love whatsoever that goes in a cliche, exaggerating way. Hmm, they should have watched “Perahu Kertas”.

I, honestly, don’t really interested in the story, too. Again, I must tell you that it’s the blend of Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari, the writer of the novel adapted for this movie and also the screenwriter, and Hanung Bramantyo, the director, that makes me want to watch this sequel. You and I must have known that both are totally qualified and publicly appreciated in their own field, so I was excited how they could excalate this mainstream love story into a more classy and mesmerizing style.

Yet, compared to the quite complicated plot of “Perahu Kertas”, “Perahu Kertas 2” tends to be more cliche (and more heart-troubling :P). The predecessor, “Perahu Kertas”, was closed with a scene of Kugy (played by Maudy Ayunda) and Keenan (played by Adipati Dolken) eventually reunited in Eko (played by Fauzan Smith) and Noni (played by Sylvia Fully R.)’s wedding. Unfortanely, both of them met not in a perfect time: Kugy was gone out with her boss, Remi (played by Reza Rahardian), while Keenan was in a special relationship with Luhde (played by Elyzia Mulachela), a Baliness girl he met while painting in Bali. At last, in “Perahu Kertas 2”, Kugy and Keenan had to choose if they want to be honest about what they feel about each other or just try to deceive themselves just for to make those who have been in relationships with them happy.

The funny thing is, a magic named “The World is So Narrow That Unknown People Could Eventually Met and Get Connected” was still relied on for the opening of the movie. Yes, you could said that without that aforementioned magic, this movie would go plain. It’s ridiculous to recall how these four main characters could eventually met and knew each other (and knew the relationships in between each other, too). I felt that the plot is just regrettably lame, but somehow interesting and exciting. The plot just beats around the bush to make sure that viewers felt in a deep emotional feeling.

The good side of this film was on its appearance. It’s dramatically artistic. Serious. Hanung Bramantyo could make every single scene becomes surprisingly meaningful. A second of a scene could tell a lot of things, and the ironies throughout the film appeared mainly because of these pieces of scene. Moreover, the score and music was totally amazing. How they were placed, how they made, and what emotion they brought: all was just ... perfect! Those simple scenes turn out to be an emotional nuance for the viewers because of the background music. In the other hand, not so much different quality of action from the cast. Maudy Ayunda was still lovable, while Adipati Dolken continued to nail his character in this sequel (although at the first film, I was really doubtful about his performance). However, of course, when he was situated in a scene with Reza Rahardian, he seemed drown.

Perahu Kertas 2

Watching “Perahu Kertas 2” was like looking at a steady water surface that was accidentally dropped by a stone: on the spot it was dropped there would be a huge wave, then that wave continued to spread until the edge. The story of Kugy and Keenan affected their surrounding, and this detail of plot was perfectly served, instead of being excessively long. An appreciation, of course, was brought for Hanung Bramantyo, I think, as he could level up this film to be a film that not only entertain but also artsy and qualified. We’ll see if there will be any nomination these two movies will get in next year’s Festival Film Indonesia. I’d like to see Maudy Ayunda in the Best Leading Actress nominators list, but we’ll see.



Perahu Kertas 2
PERAHU KERTAS | COUNTRY Indonesia YEAR 2012 RATING R (Remaja/Teenager) GENRE Drama CAST Maudy Ayunda, Adipati Dolken, Reza Rahardian, Elyzia Mulachela, Tyo Pakusadewo WRITER Dewi Lestari DIRECTOR Hanung Bramantyo MORE INFO

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  1. Bar, i cried a lot when i watched this movie. :(

  2. haha pasti karena sebagian mirip pengalaman pribadi ya? :3

  3. pukpuk :P
    tapi kalau kata orang yang udah baca novelnya sih agak kecewa. untungnya belum pernah baca jadi cukup menikmati ceritanya.
    mungkin kalau mau nonton film yang diadaptasi dari novel mendingan ga usah baca novelnya dulu kali ya. haha

  4. iya, soalnya kalo udah terlanjur baca novelnya nanti malah yang ada cuma ngebanding2in antara novel sama filmnya

  5. Bar, i cried a lot when i watched this movie. :(

  6. haha pasti karena sebagian mirip pengalaman pribadi ya? :3

  7. walaupun berbeda sedikit dengan novel aslinya tapi salut!!! bagus banget

    1. sayangnya saya belum baca novelnya, tetapi terlihat Hanung Bramantyo mampu mengolahnya menjadi film yang cukup manis :) terima kasih sudah berkunjung