Kinetic Typography

PRECAUTIOUS: This post is a random one. Well last night I uploaded a dream of mine, the one that I was busy about. It's called kinetic typography. Some called it as motion typography or typography animation. You know, it's a video (or an animation, specifically) that consisted mostly of text animating, motioning, or moving to tell a message instead of using a video or picture. Many motion typographies are made as a music video, so they put a music as a background and use the text to show up the lyrics.

And it's what this "Ingatlah Hari Ini (Kinetic Typography)" is all about. You know, before the graduation, a team in my class made a sayonara film and I get one segment of the film. Yes, I handled this animation. So, with some brainy ideas from my friends, I established it from scratch. Sorry, really sorry for some minor mistakes like edgy pixels whatsoever, I'm so amateur in it. I just want to tell you that I love creative-working like this. Thank you #3JPajak2011 STAN for making a chance for me to do it.

Then, what's your intention of posting it on MeOnTheMovie, instead of on your personal blog? Well, I'm showing off :)

Akbar Saputra

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