Welcome, 2014!

Happy New Year!

So this is the first entry in the new year, 2014, and I'm so glad that I finally made my way to write again. Before too much rambling I wanna say, Happy New Year! May the new year brings us luck, happiness, and success! Did you guys have a lot of fun back in 2013? Well I hope we'll all gain much more fun in 2014!

And, well, this year (if time permits), this blog is also turning 2 years old. On May, precisely. And as many of you might have done last night on the New Year's Eve, I also made some kinds of retrospective thinking about what I have done in 2013, especially toward this blog. Yeah, yeah, you know that I'm becoming lazier to post anything. No new post for like a week, and there might be less than four posts a month. Even my series post of The Coens' filmography has been unfinished. Which is bad, because of course many visitors will leave from this blog.

I have to assure you that, well, daily activities have pushed me not to write as freely as I did. This year (oh I mean, in 2013) I started working at office and it's been so tiring. Not that it was hectic, no. Perhaps it's just I have to adapt with my new routine and until now I still can't find a good schedule for me having a clear mind to write after a day work. Every time I have a day off, I tend to get a good rest and sleep.

I watched a lot, still. While I don't really have time to arrange words into a good review post, I still managed to submit my ratings and short reviews to both my IMDb and Letterboxd account. So you may just check them and, for Letterboxd, perhaps we can start to follow each other! ;)

Oh, don't worry. I'm also working on my 2nd Annual List, which is currently shortlisted on (again) my Letterboxd account (now you understand why I love Letterboxd).

You can check them here.

And yep, this year my Annual List is gonna be big. I include some new categories in it.

Have a Letterboxd account? Don't forget to leave a comment!

And please pray for me having my excitement in blogging back like the old days! :D

Akbar Saputra

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  1. Happy New Year to you! I should make a Letterbox account asap, good stuff. And can't wait for your list! :)

    1. Yeah! Letterboxd is like MUBI or IMDb except that it feels more like a web 2.0 with all its interactivity. Don't forget to follow me then, lol.

  2. Hi Akbar! Happy New Year. Hey I haven't posted my Top 10 yet either, but I figure, so long as it's still in January, it's still not too late, ahah.

    – ruth