2013 Movie Recap: 20 Best Films

2013 Movie Recap: 20 Best Films

Sorry for the late post. Now we are heading to see my selection of 20 best films of 2013. For your info, I saw 78 films of 2013 (according to my Letterboxd history). If you want to see all the 78 films ranked, see my list in Letterboxd. And I'm sorry if only a few (if not none) of these films were reviewed and posted in the blog previously. Most of them are only short-reviewed (again, in Letterboxd) but I write my short opinion for each of these 20 movies. The good thing is, different from 2012, we had 2 films with 5 star and 6 films with 4.5 star. 2013 has been a great year for movies, ain't it?

Here we go:

The Place Beyond the Pines


Saving Mr. Banks

Short Term 12

Captain Phillips

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Inside Llewyn Davis

Blue Jasmine

Upstream Color

The Past

The Hunt

The Great Gatsby

Man of Steel

Les Miserables

12 Years A Slave


Before Midnight

The Act of Killing


...and for the #1 position I chose...


20. The Place Beyond the Pines
19. Prisoners
18. Saving Mr. Banks
17. Short Term 12
16. Captain Phillips
15. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
14. Inside Llewyn Davis
13. Blue Jasmine
12. Upstream Color
11. The Past
10. The Hunt
09. The Great Gatsby
08. Man of Steel
07. Les Miserables
06. 12 Years A Slave
05. Rush
04. Before Midnight
03. The Act of Killing
02. Gravity
01. Her

What do you think about my 20 best films of 2013? Coming next, my selection of anticipated movies in 2014. See you!

Akbar Saputra

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  1. Heyyy finally you release it! And we have a few same choices :D Overall, great selection of films, Bar! I'm going to release mine later today or maybe tomorrow, if I have the time haha + I love what you did with the images, really nice!

  2. Nice assortment of movies and several that found their way on my list. Love seeing "Gravity" so high. It was an incredible experience.

  3. Yay for Pines! Love the images and of course the list, Bar. Very nice to look at!!!

    1. Thank you! Can't wait for your list too Dan!

  4. Wow at last, found the man who get The Great Gatsby in his top ten. I'm cool with it, Gatsby is a good movie imo, but there's always critics just dont get what is like to be 'artsy in outrageous way' not the term 'style over substance' thing they coined in their review about this Luhrman flick...ha

    oh ya, bar, aku ganti nama blog dari wrtzkwood.wordpress.com ke kultflick.wordpress.com biar gampang. Tolong update juga url di punyamu ya :D thanks.

    1. I haven't seen its previous version so, well, I believe The Great Gatsby is underrated.


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  6. Aaaaah, I really love the photos, you have excellent skill in editing!