(A Week After) Me On The Movie's 2nd (Uncelebrated) Anniversary: Another Retrospection

Me On The Movie's 2nd Anniversary

This is about a week past May 16, which (nobody remembers) is Me On The Movie's Anniversary. It's been two years since Me On The Movie airs on the internet and it feels like everything's going so fast.

Undoubtedly this post will be containing another excuse for not writing any posts and whatnot (and, hell, even all this year I've been giving excuses like hundreds of times). This year is a tough one. I told you lots of things about why I didn't post anything for weeks or why I've been away from watching movies (and writing about them). That would be because of my job.

Things got a bit overwhelming, at least, for the next couple of years. But, well, nobody questions anyway. Like, why didn't I celebrate Me On The Movie's 2nd Anniversary by posting something?

If you've been following me on Twitter, you must've known that I have been into some kind of activity these weeks. I can't describe it clearly in English, but to be exact it's a three-week compulsory semi-military training as an orientation before entering my job. The training is here, in Pekanbaru, which is so far from my working town Bandar Lampung (which of course is not my hometown). Here we're doing lots of physical and mental training (and pressure!). Everything is timed, everything is by rule. In my words it's an indoctrination phase. It's a brainwash game.

I haven't watched anything for the last three weeks. It was *that* sad.

I didn't have enough amount of time to even crystallize my thinking into writing (and even if I had, I would have spent it by resting on bed).

I literally lost my freedom here. Yeah, lol.

But everything ends right on this day. The training is over. And I feel like I owe you a post.

No abundant hopes I could deliver for Me On The Movie's 2nd year. I just hope I won't fulfill you with other excuses.

I love writing and blogging and watching movies anyway.

Happy birthday, Me On The Movie.

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