Thursday, May 29, 2014

EDGE OF TOMORROW (2014): Live, Die, Repeat, Then Think Again.

Edge of Tomorrow

Seriously, I had no idea about what EDGE OF TOMORROW is all about and if it’s worth watching or not. Then I did some googling and found that, well, it’s perhaps one of the good summer movies to watch (like, Variety writes “...Edge of Tomorrow [...] is not an action movie first and foremost, but rather a cheeky little puzzle picture in expensive-looking blockbuster drag.” to which I replied, “Okay.”).

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ILO ILO (2013): Singaporean Drama about Immigrant Worker, Child-Parent Relationship, and Family Dilemma Under Economic Crisis

Ilo Ilo

Even IMDb doesn’t quite understand what ILO ILO means. The winner of Camera d’Or of Cannes Film Festival 2013, ILO ILO is a Singaporean drama by debut director Anthony Chen that centers on a family living under the '90s economic crisis that hit most Asian countries. But, more than that, ILO ILO also talks about immigrant worker and how she’s involved in the dilemma of child-parent relationship. Its honesty in reenacting the situation is the key power that successfully brings ILO ILO to major critics acclaim all over the world.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

(A Week After) Me On The Movie's 2nd (Uncelebrated) Anniversary: Another Retrospection

Me On The Movie's 2nd Anniversary

This is about a week past May 16, which (nobody remembers) is Me On The Movie's Anniversary. It's been two years since Me On The Movie airs on the internet and it feels like everything's going so fast.

Undoubtedly this post will be containing another excuse for not writing any posts and whatnot (and, hell, even all this year I've been giving excuses like hundreds of times). This year is a tough one. I told you lots of things about why I didn't post anything for weeks or why I've been away from watching movies (and writing about them). That would be because of my job.