2012: A Year Recap

2012: A Year Recap

No, it's not about Me On The Movie's anniversary (we're celebrating birthday on May!). It's a recap of all the 2012 films I have watched. Too late? Maybe. But, whatever. I just feel like I want to make it :) If you track my previous film reviews you may find that I don't watch too many films released in 2012. Yeah, I admit that. In my record, I only watched 26 films of 2012 while there are tons of them out in cinemas and download links DVDs. And that's why I post this recap today. I have at least three additional weeks to watch some films in my watch-list.

Flashbacks and Corrections

Do you remember my "2012-Movies-to-Watch-Next" lists? Yeah, my goal was fulfilling it to the maximum number of films I could see. There are 14 films listed as the films I want to see in the last quarter of 2012, and only 5 of them are done watched by me (duh!). The other 7 films were still untouched, while 2 films ("To The Wonder" and "Gangster Squad") are considered as films released in 2013.

Many notes I made for all the 2012 films I have watched:
  1. No new 5-star-ed films of 2012. The highest rating given is 4.5 for "Life of Pi".
  2. The least rating given is 2-star. You wanna know what films got that least rating? It's "5cm." and "21 Jump Street".
  3. While I'm currently talking about star rating, I am referring to the rating I made in the "Review Index" page (see horizontal menu above). I didn't refer to the rating I made at the bottom part of the review (you should read the bottom part of "Review Index" page to understand this). Sorry for the confusions.
  4. At first I won't insert those not-yet-reviewed films to this list, but I finally put them together. I guess the point of this recap is not only for the films I have reviewed but also the films that I haven't yet reviewed. But, of course, I rate them from 0 to 5 star (but I don't put them in the "Review Index" page). Those not-yet-reviewed films are: "21 Jump Street" (2/5); "Battleship" (2.5/5); "The Hunger Games" (3/5); "The Raid" (3.5/5).
  5. Mostly, I watched alone (dududu~), but for these films, I (luckily) had a company to watch: "5cm." (with my very best friends in college, as we thought the film would be best seen with best friends); "Battleship" (with my classmates whom I've already missed by now :')); "Habibie & Ainun" (with my mom); "Looper" (with my friend); "Skyfall" (with my Bekasi friends); "The Avengers" (again, with my classmates); "The Dark Knight Rises" (again, with my closest classmates).
  6. Some of the (considered as) good films that I skipped watching on cinemas: "Wreck-It Ralph", "Prometheus", "End of Watch", "Rust & Bones" (and all the European films screened on "Europe On Screen" event in Jakarta), and "The Amazing Spider-Man" (duh!).


Maybe it seems that I don't pass the "unwritten prerequisites" to make such a Best-of-The-Year list like this but, I push myself (too far) that I finally agree to list only 5 best films of 2012 (*please laugh*). We'll start from 5 honorable mentions.

(in alphabetical order)

Habibie & Ainun
HABIBIE & AINUN   Indonesia | Dir: Faozan Rizal | 3.5/5
Reza Rahardian has lost his soul and turned into our ex-president, B.J. Habibie. He is truly one of the best Indonesian young actors. He and Bunga Citra Lestari elevate "Habibie & Ainun" as not only Indonesia's No.1 Box Office, but also a remarkable romantic film in history.

TED   USA | Dir: Seth MacFarlane | 3.5/5
Who could expect that this year's most hilarious comedy act comes from a fluffy teddy bear? Seth MacFarlane's "Ted" was more than just inappropriate, ridiculous, and comical; it turns into a film you have to spend together with your buddy.

The Avengers
THE AVENGERS   USA | Dir: Joss Whedon | 3.5/5
I rarely enjoy superhero films but "The Avengers" is the one that everyone just can't miss. If you're a Marvel fanboy, you'll got a climax watching this film, but although I'm not (considered as) a fanboy, I did enjoy "The Avengers" as if I'm a superhero fanboy.

The Cabin in the Woods
THE CABIN IN THE WOODS   USA | Dir: Drew Goddard | 3.5/5
"The Cabin in the Woods" didn't terrify me. I didn't even have a nightmare on the night I watched this film. It's just where you push the boundaries of any other typical horror films so you have a larger area to gather all the creepy creatures you could imagine and play with them.

The Raid
THE RAID   Indonesia | Dir: Gareth Evans | 3.5/5
"The Raid" will keep you back on your seat, hold your breath, and spend your one-and-a-half hours in a brutal action. Breath-taking. Knowing that it comes from my own country is what makes it more delightful.

now, get ready for... *drum rolls*

(in descending order of ratings)

ARGO   USA | Dir: Ben Affleck | 4/5
Breath-taking opening, detailed capture of history, nice directing, interesting premise, and a closing that pumps your adrenaline. "Argo" has them all. Forget the Oscar snub: Ben Affleck, you got my accolades.

Moonrise Kingdom
MOONRISE KINGDOM   USA | Dir: Wes Anderson | 4/5
"Moonrise Kingdom" is an eccentricity wrapped in a puppy love of two runaway young lovers. With all the camera work, supporting music, and the cast, ah... could it be any sweeter?

The Dark Knight Rises
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES   USA | Dir: Christopher Nolan | 4/5
I still hang the poster in my room, and have no intention to replace it. You may think that "The Dark Knight Rises" is overrated, but for me, it's a perfect closing for the best superhero trilogy of the decade.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower
THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER   USA | Dir: Stephen Chbosky | 4/5
It's mesmerizing to be surprised by this seemingly uninteresting film. "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" is young and lovely. This is the right film you have to enjoy with all your best friends. "We are infinite!"

Life of Pi
LIFE OF PI   USA | Dir: Ang Lee | 4.5/5
"Life of Pi" is when a dramatic life journey described in such a beautiful art. It is moving, inspiring, and heart-warming. A tremendous film that makes you think and be grateful for the life you have. Thank you, Pi. Thank you, Richard Parker.

Voila. That's a recap of the films released on 2012. Many corrections and inputs for me, eh? Yeah, the thing is that I need to get back on my track: watching films like crazy (in 2011, I did watch like 200 films :D). I hope things just get better and smoother for 2013. Wanna check on my 2013 watchlist? I'm gonna post it soon.

P.S.: Talking about 2013, Me On The Movie is gonna celebrate the 1st anniversary on May 16 2013. Wait for the surprises! :D

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  1. HA! Finally, been waiting for this since last year..

    I agree, 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" is amazing. What a great top five movies of the year.