Friday, January 25, 2013

My 101st Post!

101st post

Haha, I have just realized it when I was done writing my review on "Magnolia". It's my 100th post! I should have celebrated it, shouldn't I? But, I won't revert the review to draft so I could post my 100th post and push the review as 101st. Finally, here it is. This is my 101st post. Sounds funny, eh? Haha.

Well, what is it going about? I don't know. I just feel like I need to remark this. I mean, everything needs perfect moment, right? And this 101st post means a lot for me. It means consistency, that "Me On The Movie" is about 9 months old next February and I keep writing with a good frequency. I don't know, this blog has not even reach its first year but I see things are developing nicely.

Anyway. Actually I have prepared a lot of things in my to-do list. I did plan to do many things with this blog, because, God, I freggin' love movie-blogging. I need to grab more attention, I have to get more comments, I should assure myself that there are certain readers who enjoy my blog. The pageviews number are still rolling up but I have no idea if it's just silent readers or lost blog-walkers. I just want to make sure that there are people who take advantage of things I love. You know, I just don't want to make this blog a playground for only me. I admit that things may go too plain in the past eight months, and I know I need to reformulate things. You know, I always think that this blog has no character. There is nothing unique that this blog offer to its reader. I keep questioning what I should do about this, so I come up with few ideas. Again, I think I need perfect timing to execute them. Haha.

Maybe I'm gonna do this next month. It's not really that awesome and spectacular, but we'll see. I just don't want it to be always about reviews, reviews, and reviews. I need to have my own personal touch. Right now, I just need support myself and think positively. We'll see.



  1. Congrats on you 101st post! Keep writing good reviews :)

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot :)

  2. congrats on your gained weight nononono on your 101 post Bar... around indonesia

    1. -____- seems like i know this guy.. haha


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