20 Best Movie Characters of 2014

20 Best Movie Characters of 2014

We'll start from the new category I've never had in recent years: movie characters. I'm selecting 20 (plus one!) characters that I consider the most iconic, the most memorable, the most well-created from all the movies I watch along 2014. P.S: big images are after the jump, mind your bandwidth! :)

The question is, what defines the best movie characters? I myself found a little bit confusion in distinguishing whether it's the character that is good or it's the actor/actress that played good. But then I came back to my initial thinking that what I want to find exactly is good characters that make for a good portrayal of many different personality traits. Characters that eat all the topics spooned to them in one single bite. Characters that talk small but deep, although if they could talk big and deep at the same time, that would be better.

And, of course, the most memorable ones!

Here they are:

Groot from Guardian of the Galaxy

David from The Guest

Donna Stern from Obvious Child

Tomas from Force Majeure

Dwight from Blue Ruin

Mason from Snowpiercer

Adam and Eve from Only Lovers Left Alive

Baymax from Big Hero 6

Frank from Frank

Philomena Lee from Philomena

John du Pont from Foxcatcher

Samuel from The Babadook

Ivan Locke from Locke

Sandra from Two Days, One Night

Amy Dunne from Gone Girl

The Female from Under the Skin

Terence Fletcher from Whiplash

Lou Bloom from Nightcrawler

Alice Howland from Still Alice

... and the best movie character is...

Aydin from Winter Sleep

The next post: from acting categories.

Readers, any thoughts?

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