20 Best Movies of 2014

20 Best Movies of 2014

Academy Awards is just a few days to go, and 'though I know that you people can't take your attention away from predicting who's gonna win and who's gonna go home empty-handed, it's never late for me to, finally, present the last series of 2014 Movie Recap. This is my choice of 20 Best Movies of 2014!

To choose the 20 best films this year is a bit easier compared to last year, because almost half of the number of the films in the list is released earlier in 2014. I mean, usually, the best (or award-worthy) films are those released in fall (which is the latest months of 2014) but in this list, mostly they are spring or even summer films. You know, the remains of Europe festivals.

But, as usual, this list isn't a copy of Best Picture nominee list. Actually, there are only 4 Best Picture nominees included in this list, out of the total 8 movies. (And you should have seen this coming since I released my list of best acting performances of the year some days ago, lol).

Also, I feel... glad (!) with this year's list. I think it's because this year my list covers more genre and more countries. I have horrors, sci-fi, even animated here. It's still Hollywood-dominated, but I (a bit unintentionally) have movies from other continents in this list. It's so amusing. Lol.

So, here it is, my 20 best movies of 2014.

The Babadook


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


The Double

The Immigrant

Two Days, One Night


The Lunchbox

Gone Girl

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

Winter Sleep


Like Father, Like Son

Under the Skin




The Grand Budapest Hotel

...and the best movie of 2014 is...


So that's a wrap! The recap isn't officially closed, because I owe you my list of anticipated films of 2015, but let us take a break and focus ourselves to the biggest celebration for all movie lovers, which is Academy Awards!

I'll be posting my anticipated films of 2015 around next week.

Don't forget to leave comments, guys!

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  1. Akhirnya keluar juga! Haha. Gue juga lagi buat daftar semacam ini tapi masih ada beberapa film yang gue penasaran yang belum gue tonton, hehe.

    1. sama kok, gw juga ada beberapa yang belom nonton. tapi gw pikir kalopun gw tonton mereka ga akan masuk top 20 sih, haha.

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  3. You should see "Listen Up Philip"
    One of the most 2014 underlooked and underrated gem

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