Hot Fuzz (2007)

Hot Fuzz

Opened with an interesting scene, “Hot Fuzz” amazes me. I don’t know if a comedy can be this lovely, but yes, when Edgar Wright meets duet Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, magic comes true. Okay, wait, relax, let me introduce “Hot Fuzz” to you first before I continue admiring how I love this movie.

“Hot Fuzz” (“fuzz” means “cops”) set out a good—or too good—London cop named Nicholas Angel (played by Simon Pegg). He had a great integrity and loyalty for being a cop, and he did some successful achievements in police department, far better than any other cops in the office. However, it makes him quite unlikable. He made his cop fellow look bad. That’s why he then forcibly transferred to Sandford, a country village with relatively low rate of crime. At Sandford, he found out local cops that weren’t much appreciated and attracted with their own jobs. Being located in a worse condition like that, would Angel still be as good as he used to be?

The premise seems doesn’t really tell you that it was a comedy. The problem that Angel faced was tend to be a drama. However, you will find out some actions, tragic scenes of serial murders, and whodunit detective style along the duration. It makes “Hot Fuzz” so mixed with excitements and thrills. I found myself comfortable watching it in its full duration because the story was so ... attracting. Well, maybe some parts looked so cliche and unrealistic but I just didn’t find myself bored in a bit part of the movie at all.

"I may not be a man of God, Reverend, but I know right and I know wrong and I have the good grace to know which is which." -- Nicholas Angel

Moreover, “Hot Fuzz” was edited so artsy. No, I wasn’t really amused with the humor whatsoever, but the movement among scenes was so beautifully fast that the story was clearly told. I love the way Edgar Wright, the director, shot some scenes in a quite exaggerating but still lovely way that dramatically view the nuance of the dialogue. Yet, the good and the bad characters were still clearly divided, but I love the development of each character alongside the development of the story itself. Both are mixed surprisingly so that the viewers didn’t see a part as a constant, non-going elements. Simon Pegg could portray the unlikable, full-of-integrity Nicholas Angel, while in the other part, Nick Frost played Danny Butterman, Angel’s partner, who was so childish and lazy cop. Other cast like Bill Nighy and Martin Freeman also successfully filled “Hot Fuzz” with specific nuance of friction between the good and the bad.

Maybe, the ending was just so forcibly compulsed. I mean, well, ones didn’t simply turn from bad to good in a bit of dialogues, did they? Some actions in the ending wasn’t finished so smoothly, maybe it’s because we viewers have imagined before about the scene However, regardless of those flip sides, “Hot Fuzz” amazed me for not only how it was served, but also the material of the story. Yes, I absorp some moral values about how integrity and loyalty will always work, no matter where you apply it. Nicholas Angel taught me that even in the worst condition, a good man will still be a good man—he even have to spread the goodness to his surroundings, instead of being suffered by the badness of the condition.

Hot Fuzz

I will always love this trio: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, without Edgar Wrigh (like in “Paul”) didn’t achieve so good, and Edgar Wright without Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (like in “Scott Pilgrim vs The World”) wasn’t that special. These three guys should have made more comedy movies. I’ve seen “Shaun of The Dead” where these guys worked together and it was incredible (wait for the review right on this blog :D). Now, “Hot Fuzz” was also one that you should not miss.



Hot Fuzz
HOT FUZZ | COUNTRY UK YEAR 2007 MPAA Rated R for violent content including some graphic images, and language GENRE Action, Comedy, Mystery RUNTIME 121 min CAST Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy, Joe Cornish WRITER Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg DIRECTOR Edgar Wright AWARDS Best Comedy Empire Awards, UK; another 1 win & 4 nominations BUDGET/GROSS £8,000,000 (est.) / $23,618,786 (USA per 22 Jul 2007) IMDB RATING 7.9/10 METASCORE 81/100 (Universal Acclaim) TOMATOMETER 91% (Certified Fresh) MORE INFO

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  1. I really love this film (and also Shaun of the Dead)! Btw, 2 film ini memang jadi semacam trilogi gitu kok (Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy), seri ketiga 'The World's End' tayang taun depan :)

  2. really? waaah nice info. can't wait for their next movie! >.<