New Girl (TV-Series)

New Girl

Emmy’s crowd is over; again, not so much surprises happened. In the comedy series category, “Modern Family” wins. It’s been its third victory since 2010. Yes, “Modern Family” is somewhat remarkable, but, hey, let’s take a look at one of the lately-released comedy series that also got much appreciation in that award. It’s called “New Girl”. Airing on Fox since September 2011, “New Girl” is now marking its second season.

“New Girl” centers on an offbeat, kinda-freakish young woman named Jess (played so beautifully by Zooey Deschanel) who was just got dumped by his boyfriend. Then she moves into a loft where there lived three unknown guys: the hardly-moving-on Nick (played by Jake Johnson); the flashy, metrosexual Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield); and the ex-athlete Winston (played by Lamorne Morris). There is also Cece (played by Hannah Simone), Jess' best friend who is pretty, well-mannered, and just 180 degree different from Jess, but so attached to Jess. This “unearthy” team faces many condition of its daily life, which often brings laugh, warmth, or even cries.

Well, “New Girl” doesn’t stand in a totally new story idea, does it? "Adorkable" is the term created to describe "New Girl" for its dorky, ridiculous style. “New Girl” can be enjoyed without frowning; it’s simple, so simple that sometimes it can easily be forgotten. The material of “New Girl” is more likely focused for adult viewers. However, “New Girl” doesn’t contain too much explicit material that may be disturbing for particular viewers. Well, some sexual issues are mainly discussed in here, but no explicit scenes are showed. Instead, it’s more about relationship between men and women. For your information, “moving on” is the main theme of this series. Giving up, dealing with your ex and facing a new, better life is all that matters in “New Girl” (hey, it’s our problem, innit? :D). Two of the roles, Jess and Nick, are trying so hard forgetting their past by even removing all the things they and their ex created together, and they are struggling to create a good life. And I personally find it awkward how Jess and the three guys could melt into a friendship, instead of being involved in a special relationship like between men and women. It’s just ... cool.

Technically, I don’t know why Zooey always gets this kind of character in every performance, but yes, no other middle-class actress could do the same job like she does. Playing an impulsive, surprising, cheering girl like Jess could be an easy job for her. And I love to see her being nominated for both Golden Globe or yesterday’s Emmy for this role, ‘though I see that she wasn’t that qualified to win them. I just found that she’s the only one in “New Girl” that brings most of my laughters. Yes, she did a very comedic role and I just love it. Probably you would agree that some of her acts are too unnatural, but I just found it amusing.

In the other hands, the three guys are just so-so. Well, I don’t have suitable words to describe them but I think, they just play well. I find that the creators don’t want to go deeply into the characterization of each of them (like most TV-series do) so we are just displayed the condition of this weird guys teaming up with a quizzical woman without even being bothered to question. Again, Jess stole most of the show that every scene without her is going plain.

New Girl

“New Girl” is so “new”. Some parts of “New Girl” make me laugh. It’s not that “New Girl” is so silly or what, but the nuance of cliche is somewhat ridiculously amusing. No, you cannot compare it to the popular “How I Met Your Mother” because it’s just far worse, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy “New Girl”. It just means that “New Girl” could give you another type of humour that maybe make you laugh or amused.



NEW GIRL | TV SERIES COUNTRY USA YEAR 2011-now RATING TV-14 GENRE Comedy RUNTIME 30 min CAST Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone, Lamorne Morris CREATOR Elizabeth Meriwether AIRED ON Fox, USA CURRENT SEASON 2 AWARDS 2 Golden-Globe nominations, another 2 wins & 17 nominations IMDB RATING 7.9/10 MORE INFO

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  1. bar, kalo american series coba ini
    wedding band(comedy), switched at birth(drama), ncis(it's just great) hehe :D

  2. haha sip jii! nanti dicoba deh :D thanks for coming!

  3. m4ufree - I saw a trailer for this show when it first aired and I thought it looked "cute" but not super interesting. I WAS SO WRONG. This show is spectacular. The humor is unbelievable. I really hate stupid awkward moments that make people uncomfortable, but the awkward moments in this show are so laughable it makes it so funny to watch. Each character has their own crazy personality. The characters remind me of The Big Bang Theory characters, each one is super important, has their own humor, and the chemistry is fantastic. I like how they make it OK to be adults in their 30s and not have their entire lives figured out and it's really relatable to a wide category of viewers. the main character Jess is adorable, hilarious, and so likable. Its great fun and super entertaining and you'll surely laugh out loud.
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